Cartoonist and the Cartoon watcher : Triambak Sharma

Triambak Sharma (born 5 September 1970) is an Indian cartoonist. He founded Cartoon Watch in 1996, India's only monthly cartoon magazine, which connects well known Indian cartoonists like Abid Surti, R.K.Laxman, Sudhir Tailang, Pran and many others. He established Cartoon Watch Animation Academy in 2009 at Raipur. He is also working on building the first cartoon museum of India in Raipur.

Q. How come you landed in the arts of cartoon, as we all know that you commence your career as a journalist?

Triambak Sharma: I was fond of minimalistic stuff. Not an enthusiast of literature and writing as I found it quite laboured work and with all voluble style and pages that I am anxious about. I wanted to do something which can articulate the feelings promptly and creatively without frittering my time neither the readers! I haven't taken any lesson for cartooning. I was not a cartoonist then when I landed up in this field. The cartoon is always gauged as an additional term but the primary is a punch that every Writer needed. You can say I was god gifted with this skill as I had good punches for every circumstance. This is where my journey began as a cartoonist .



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