It Ends With Us: Book Review

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It End With Us is a romance and fictional book by Colleen Hoover which was published on 2 Aug 2016. However, the book after 5 years got popular on TikTok and Instagram reels for its powerful storyline.


The story follows Lily, a young woman who has recently relocated and is about to begin her life after college. Lily than meets Ryle and falls in love with him. Atlas, Lily’s first love, emerges and tests Lily and Ryle’s relationship as she develops affection for him.


The book is written on real-life events of the author. But when it comes to presenting in the book one must think practically before putting it down in the book. the story sheds light on the quick relationships, trust issues, PTSD, Past, violence, and lots of drama.

The storyline is simple yet mysterious as it ends with suspense, which is the worst twist in itself. It is not a romantic genre, nor as mysterious as it may sound but it is very well written to catch the young audience. The characters’ sketches of the trio characters are written neutrally but it doesn’t justify their actions.

Lily and Ryle’s relationship focuses on why couples should get to know each other before getting into a relationship. Lily, couldn’t move on from her long-lasting so-called boyfriend who in the story looks creepy and not like a trustable person. Dr. Ryle, the male lead, might look like the perfect hero but has many layers which show that sometimes it is best to confess rather destroying anyone’s life. Atlas, the refuge with mysterious intentions is not a perfect male character too.

I liked the journal entries which were like narration. I liked how the domestic violence and rape scenes were written. It can truly give you goosebumps. I just loved how the Female protagonist took a stand for her mom at her father’s funeral.


  1. The storyline doesn’t make sense at all, even practically as well as fictionally.
  2. Tarnishing the hero character just for setting an example also felt like the author wanted the Female lead should go through like her mom’s situation. I feel Ryle going through a PTSD state and lily cheating on his back made it such a sin.
  3. Lily’s character turned out to be stupid and flat. Also, the author was hoping that her character shine, but in the middle after the entry of Atlas, she was shown disloyal to her husband.
  4. Both Relationships were written badly, One relationship had no base, and the other looked cute but they were not honest with each other.
  5. How on earth writer felt showing strangers getting cozy and personal followed by naked truth sessions? It’s cringe and not at all friendly.

Recommended or not?

Definitely give it a try!



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